Graduation Dresses - New Trier High School 2017

Are you looking for the perfect dress for your senior graduation at New Trier high school? Look no further!  Local designer, Rachel Alvia, has designed over 100 unique styles that can be custom made to your measurements in time for your graduation.  Each style from this collection will be reserved once it has been purchased, so order early to reserve your favorite style!  Each gown will be cut to your unique size from our classic collection fabrics and lace.  All gowns are guaranteed to meet the requirements set forth by the school.  We make choosing your gown easy, and worry free! 
All Alterations Included


Choose your Style!

See the complete collection designed just for New Trier's 2017 graduating class!  Styles will be removed once they have been chosen by another student.

Measuring Tape2.jpg

Schedule Your Appointment

Schedule your appointment to order your gown in our shop in downtown Evanston, and meet the designer!  You'll confirm your dress style and fabrics, get measured and pay for your gown.  You can click the button below to contact us for an appointment, or you can email or call 847-841-3861.  Orders must be placed by April 10th 2017!

Special Group Pricing Applies to Orders by 4/10/17 Only. 

$400* for simple styles
$480* for styles with lace
$530* for styles with sleeves
$560* for styles with lace and sleeves.
* plus Sales Tax - All Alterations Included


Book your final fitting and Go Graduate!

Once you place your order, we will book your final fitting with your dress.  If it needs any alterations at that appointment, we'll take care of them at no extra charge.  Once it's ready for pick-up it's yours to take and wear on Graduation day!