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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Avail & Company agrees to complete the garment as specified within 30 days of the estimated ship date discussed.  The estimated ship date is a target date and may be effected due to production delays, catastpohic events, or for other reasons.  Please plan accordingly, and make sure that a ship date prior enough to your event day is discussed and planned for.

In the event that Avail & Company is unable to complete the garment for any reason, the purchase price will be refunded to the client.

In the event that the client’s first payment is not received within 30 days of request for deposit, Avail & Company is under no obligation to begin work on the garment, and the ship date will be moved back, at minimum, the number of days the payment was delayed plus additional production days. Additional production time increases are dependent, but not limited to: 1) increased manufacturing workload incurred and/or  2) planned production closures

Additionally, if the client does not pay final installment of payment terms, the ship date will be moved back the number of days the payment was late.  If 90 days have passed after the scheduled completion date, and no alternative arrangements have been reached between the client and Avail & Company LLC, the garment will become property of Avail & Company LLC and may be used for any purpose including resale, with no refund or compensation to the client.

Clients located within 50 miles of Avail & Company agree to attend any appointments necessary in order to assure proper fit.  In the event that the client is unable to attend scheduled fittings, Avail & Company is under no obligation to make adjustments to the dress, or refund any amount of the purchase price.

Clients located further than 50 miles from Avail & Company agree to receive their dress by any shipping method chosen by Avail & Company.  In the event that changes are needed, the client is to return the dress promptly to Avail & Company through their chosen delivery service with insurance for the purchase price of the dress.  In the event that the client does not insure the garment during shipping, and/or the garment is damaged while in possession of the client, it will be the client’s responsibility to cover any costs incurred to replace or repair the garment.

If the client has the garment altered by anyone or company other than Avail & Company, Avail & Company is under no obligation to fix or replace any damaged goods that have been in the possession of any third party.

Upon the garment leaving the possession of Avail & Company and/or the shipping carrier, Avail & Company is under no obligation to repair damaged goods, replace stolen or damaged goods, or refund any portion of the purchase price for any reason.

If the client fails to pick up the garment, make final payments, or provide a current address for shipping, Avail & Company will make a reasonable number of attempts to contact the client by all contact information listed by the client.  In the event that the client cannot be reached or refuses to make payment or agree to new payment terms and 90 days has passed beyond the ship date the garment shall become the property of Avail & Company and Avail & Company reserves the right to use the garment for any purpose with no refund or exchange to the client.

Due to the custom nature of our products, Avail & Company has a no-refund, and no-return  policy for our custom products.

All concepts, designs, and sketches are the property of Avail & Company and are not to be reproduced or used for any reason unless Avail & Company has given permission in writing.  Avail & Company reserves the right to use all concepts, designs and sketches including those provided by the client for any purpose including, but not limited to, advertising, future clientele, and product development.  Additionally, Avail & Company reserves the right to photograph the garment before it is released to the client and use such photographs for any purpose without credit or compensation to the client.